Writer: Argemí Costa

Design and illustration of cover Book and back cover: Èlia Meraki

Summary:  Lost Paradises is a storybook. Every story happens in a fantastic place but already lost. Some places existed when the world was young and others have only existed in the imagination of people. The only intention of these tales is to entertain. We hope that some of these stories will get it: Atlantis, the old Egypt, the time of Machine, the glossy, the Nautilus kristalia Shangri-La Ancient Greece, The center of the Earth, the Garden of Eden the first planet, the Amazons and the Bermuda Triangle.

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Èlia meraki Paraísos Perdidos

Sketches and book cover design

Bocetos Èlia Meraki, de Paraísos perdidos
Diseño de Èlia Meraki, para el libro Paraisos perdidos
Diseño Èlia Meraki, Paraísos perdidos
Èlia Meraki Paraísos Perdidos
Paraísos Perdidos, Èlia MerakI