Èlia Meraki

Freelance Illustrator


Èlia Meraki – Èlia Fernández Tobella, Barcelona 1986.

¨ I believe the illustration is like a box of surprises, a world of imagination and dreams to fly¨- Èlia Meraki

My vocation of illustration started long time ago, even being an autodidact all my life, I always have desire to evolve my skills. I have the Title of Illustration and Animation , but despite having knowledges about that, I like to be up to date and enjoying of art culture, it is glossy!

Over the years, I have worked in a wide range of clients such as Design Companies, Animation Producers, Licensing Agency Art , Publishers and projects for Author's Books, for example: the children book Alegria by Ricardo Alcàntara for the publisher Baula, Un Lugar para Gusti by Inma Muñoz , Tantas Tonterías by Argemí Costa, Wee Blue Coo Licensing Company Art, etc.

Nowadays, I'm living in Edinburgh city and I working as Freelance Illustrator for kids by differents commissions. If you want to know more about me, please feel free to visit my Linkedin, Instegram or Facebook .

Some of my clients: Edelvides, Baula, Santillana, etc.


El Petit Trésor                Faristol Clij                  Ocho en punto Editorial


Èlia Fernández Tobella, Barcelona 1986.