Èlia Meraki

Freelance Illustrator


Èlia Meraki – Èlia Fernández Tobella, Barcelona 1986.

I believe illustration is like a box of surprises, a dream world where I play with creating lively atmospheres and characters. Being an autodidact all my life, in 2009 I decided to study at the art school L'Escola Massana to develop my skills. There,  I experienced with different artistic skills until I decided to focus on Illustration. Then, I discovered my other vocation, animation, so I ended up giving life to my drawings. I studied 2D / 3D and Stop Motion in a one-year course at the popular '9 Zeros' school based in Barcelona. I also graduated from the Master in 2D / 3D at the L'Idem Creative Arts School. 

Since then, I have worked in an extensive range of projects for clients such as The Others-Emotion Graphics, the music video 'Un Lugar' for Lucas Masciano, the online book 'El lleó i el ratolí' for CREDAC Pere Barnils, the children book Alegria by Ricardo Alcàntara for the publisher Baula, as well as the children book 'El búho Jacinto en la granja' by Ricardo Alcàntara for the publisher Santillana.

Nowadays, I'm living in Edinburgh city and I working for the company Wee Blue Coo and as well as I working differents commissions. If you want to know more about me, please feel free to visit my Linkedin, Instegram or Facebook .


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Èlia Fernández Tobella, Barcelona 1986.